Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why Small-Scale Organic Farming?

I suppose many people wonder why we are small-scale farmers. The answer is quite simple: we sought a life in which to live out our values in a real tangible way. There is great integrity in organic small scale farming. You are right there connected to a small plot of land. You know the soil intimately, how it differs from place to place, and what must be done not merely to maintain its fertility, but hopefully to increase it as well. For us as a family it was a way to live, work, and pray together on a daily basis. It took a lot of courage to quit a salaried job and jump into the unpredictable and the unknown, but it has been worth it. For us though farming is not merely about our family, but also about community. It is about offering something good to others, and about re-establishing people's connection to the soil, to farms, and to the reality that if our farming is unsustainable then our society is unsustainable.

For us we chose to sell our produce through a CSA. We do this not only for our own sake, but for that of others as well. We hope that through people's participation in a CSA they will see that buying food locally, supporting small-scale agriculture, and promoting stewardship of the land is important not only for themselves but for our communities and society. Small-scale agriculture won't fix all that's wrong with the world, but it is a step toward doing something right. I would like to share a quote from Elizabeth Smith, who, with her husband was one of the first organic farmers working on a small scale here in the US. She says:  "The idea of a new social structure - of a community built around food - was at the heart of the CSA movement. It's what we had wanted to do all along. The CSA is the reason the farm has continued to thrive. The more you can create community-based networks of support, the less likely you are to fail, because everyone sees that it's in their best interest to keep the farm going. Certainly our farm members have been converted to local food. They know the taste of it, the feel of it, the health of it." We would like to thank all of you who have joined our CSA this season. We hope that this year's CSA will be more than just a business exchange. We hope that you will see the importance of supporting small-scale farming, and enjoy the community that can be built around it.


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