Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wintertime Preparation

Kevin has tilled up the first section of garden nearest to the house.  The soil is loamy and rich; we're very excited by its apparent quality.  We'll be making it even richer with compost and other organic materials soon (hopefully the neighboring cows won't mind if we clean up their pasture a little bit)!  We hope to plant greens, squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, and peppers in these plots.

Here are a few pictures to show you our progress.  We will attempt to take pictures from approximately the same places each time so that you can get a full view of the garden's progress.

A view of the garden looking northwest; our lovely house in the background
A view of the garden looking west
A view of the garden looking south from in front of the house
A view of the garden looking east

This is the other garden plot, the opposite edge of which is difficult to see.  There is also a section of it beyond the trees on the right side of the picture.  The field has been planted to wheat as a cover crop (it won't be harvested, as it will soon be tilled under as a green manure/fertilizer).  The black spot in the field is a mother cow resting; she's been picketed there until her baby is grown.

One of our neighboring cows; our little girls love them (Ana "moo"s at the regularly).
From our family to yours: God bless you!


  1. That looks very 'do-able'! What did Kevin use to till the soil? You folks are an inspiration.

  2. The house is beautiful. The land sure is flat, even more so than here in MN:) Thanks for posting photos. It helps give an idea of the things you speak of. Keep them coming.
    Fred was a bit envious the other day when you mentioned you were out digging:)
    You are doing what so many would like to do someday, so keep inspiring everyone.
    God bless your nice little, young farm family.

  3. I used an old Montgomery Ward Tiller with an 8hp Briggs and Stratton engine on it. It is 100x the tiller that a troy bilt is, although I have a couple of those too. I really want a Grillo or BCS two-wheel tractor. I'm afraid it's donw the line a ways.


    It has been very, very warm here. Highs in the 50's and even some 60's. It is barely below freezing here at night some nights. Also I was looking at your website with my oldest daughter, and she told me she wanted to visit that farm and hold those baby piggies. We looked through all your photos, and she really loved it.


    1. Your family is welcome here any time Kevin. We are only 7 hours from Benedictine........I mean it:) We will attend St. Leo Church and you will think you are home:)
      We are unseasonably warm here as well but you are far ahead of us.
      Bless your work,

  4. By the way gamerdad, you could probably find one of these old tillers for next to nothing, but they are a little tricky to keep running well, very powerful, and very loud.

  5. Wow! I would think running a tiller on that much area would beat you up real well! The soil looks good (not that I know anything about soil). Keep it up!